The Back Door Youth Drop-In

by Doug and Morag Wilson, 416-536-5346,

The Back Door Youth Drop-In runs a variety of programmes for community youth of ages 13 and up. It is our goal to help youth live life to the full! (See the Gospel of St. John, Chapter 10, Verse 10)!

On Friday nights we run a recreational drop-in in the parish hall of St. Olave's Anglican Church. Drop-in includes pool, table tennis, Foosball, X-Box, floor hockey and a variety of card and table games. The Friday night drop-in provides youth with a safe place to hang out with friends and adults who care. Youth are welcome to 'drop-in' at any time during the hours of 5-9:30. Drop-in is run by a team of dedicated staff and volunteers who share a passion for mentoring and building relationships with young people.

We also offer tutoring, on a variety of topics, led by a volunteer certified teacher, from 5-6:00 each Friday evening or by appointment for those who require more time. Other activities include: supper nights, movie nights, and out-tripping in the summer.

We hope all community youth will feel welcome to come and check us out!

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